Normally, it is best to choose the bouquet you will be carrying for your wedding after you have made a selection for a dress. That is because the bouquet you choose will be shaped and designed a certain way. You want to make sure that the design works well with the shape and appearance of your gown.

Brides often spend a good time deliberating about what to include in a wedding bouquet. That is because there are so many lovely flowers from which to choose. Regardless of the colours you have chosen for your wedding, you will find a wedding flower that will match the theme.

Rose Bouquets

It is not surprising that many wedding bouquets in Brisbane feature roses. After all, a rose is considered a symbol of love. Plus, different colours signify different meanings when you include a rose in your wedding bouquet. For example, a red rose is the traditional floral symbol for love. It always offers a wonderful way to say, “I love you”. A red rose, it is said, is a reflection of beauty and of perfect love.

If you choose pink roses for your bridal bouquet, these flowers represent gentleness, joy, and gladness. A pink rose also communicates feelings of admiration and happiness. Bright and cheerful yellow roses convey warm feelings and increased joy. Carrying a yellow rose transmits a message that communicates the elation of the wedding day.

Innocence and Charm

White roses represent innocence. They also convey a sense of charm. These flowers are often used in weddings as they also represent new beginnings. In some instances, the flowers are used for anniversaries as they can represent remembrance as well.

An orange rose evokes a type of energy that translates to desire and excitement. Carrying orange roses in a bridal bouquet symbolises how excited you are about your relationship. Lavender roses, on the other hand, represent “love at first sight”. They also represent another way to say, “I love you”. This colour demonstrates a couple’s determination to grow in their relationship.

Adding Novelty Roses to a Bouquet

You might also consider displaying novelty roses in your bouquet. For example, a yellow rose that features a red tip is another way to express the idea of falling in love. It also conveys friendship for the recipient.

A salmon rose, which is slightly pinker than orange, also translates energy in its meaning. When you carry the flowers in a wedding bouquet, you are showing how enthusiastic you feel about your marriage and relationship.

Peach roses are sometimes used in wedding bouquets. These flowers signify deep appreciation. Therefore, they represent a subtle way of saying “thank you”. Cream roses represent thoughtfulness and often are used with pink roses, which represent happiness.

Green roses, when used in bouquets, send out the message of growth and the renewal of energy. A green rose represents the continual rejuvenation of one’s spirit. Therefore, it translates as “cheerfulness” in a bouquet or floral arrangement.

As you can see, you can select from one of varied colours of roses. Whether you choose one colour or two more colours, you will bring special meaning and significance to your wedding celebration.