The trend of fashion is not only developed among women’s fashion. Men’s fashion is currently also very rapid development. Even the choice of design and the model was now not as rigid as in antiquity. Furthermore, the colors used are also not always black, white, dark blue or ash. Soft color choices can also be a unique accent on a man’s shirt. This of course also makes the men no longer afraid to explore their appearance. Therefore don’t get bored to start to see the trend of men’s clothes in this era. Actually, they are very good at mixing matching style one and the other. If the very first man boring only use plain clothes or print images that are only wording statement. Now the custom fabric printing for men is increasingly diverse and could possibly be your choice. Like the choices of print clothes for men following this.,

Striped T-shirt
This one print t-shirt trend appeared in the men in Korean drama. Then a trend print stripe t-shirt is also using many different colors. Usually, print the lines are small or medium with varying color interval. Such as black and white, blue_ white or pink white. Then usually print striped t-shirt is used for casual shirts. Then these striped t-shirts are used to hang out with friends or for a casual t-shirt at home. All men can try to make printing fabric with striped design. What is certain you will still look cool.

Batik Shirt
Now many men will use batik shirt to some important events. Most of batik shirt for men is popular to come to the wedding invitation. Batik shirt will also be widely used for other formal events such as meeting clients or important people. Surely batik design on print textile is on many shirts that are for formal events. But the actual batik design are also found in a jacket or t-shirt. This is certainly not wrong you try to use. Trend batik design on this jacket or t-shirt comes because the designers that are now more creative and desire to conserve culture. Currently you are able to order custom fabric printing on You can make print fabric pattern with your batik design.

Custom Image T-shirt
Printed image t-shirt for men are now increasingly rife created. But of course print image made relating with the identity of men. For example with print images that illustrate everything related to the hobby of men such as cars, music, and others. Print images of something as scary as the skull or other is also a lot for men. This certainly makes the trend of men t-shirt more attractive.