Having to select the best school uniform for children can at times be problematic. Often the school’s own shop is remarkably expensive and many parents will go elsewhere to get a better deal. This means shopping at a renowned store which deals in children’s clothing (although the quality may be lacking), or more popular than ever today, online companies that provide top quality school uniform supplies at a reasonable price

  • When purchasing a uniform, it is important for it to be suitable for both the student’s body and the school’s dress codes.

There may even have to be in certain cases, some alterations which have to be made to the uniform so as to ensure a comfortable and appropriate fit.

First Things First

The very first step when selecting the best kind of school uniform is to determine exactly what type of uniform is required. Schools will normally make this information available to parents and specify the types of uniforms, shoes, and any other accessories which will be required.

When buying school uniforms, it may be easier to order sizes from online specialists who deal in school clothing, as stores have a reputation of not always having sizes which are less common in stock, or the one that you need has been sold out.

  • You will have to determine the precise measurements at home, but buying online will certainly do away with the stress of trying to find the perfect sizes in stores.

Buy a Larger Size If Possible

With regards to style, not many alterations can be made to school uniforms and remember that it is always better to choose clothes which are a size bigger, because those children are growing by the day! Skirts and trousers can be simply hemmed and let down later on as the student has grown.

Matters of Sports

For sports activities, attention must be given to how the clothing fits when it is in use, Swim wear is renowned for being difficult to assess, both for boys and girls, and if choosing school uniform swimsuits, it would be in your best interests for your child to try the item on before making a purchase, just to ensure that the fit is suitable.

  • From the student’s point of view, the ideal school uniform should be both comfortable and smart looking, which can be difficult to achieve when styles must be the same for students of all body types.

If it’s the case of where a school’s only requirement is the wearing of a particular colour or/and style, it might be easier to purchase clothes from a different brand than the school suggests, although this should be checked first with the school.

Any concerns a parent might have about the fit or comfort of the uniform for their children should be discussed with a representative from the school. In most cases they are very understanding about the need to provide for a student’s comfort.

Byron Benton

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