Prom dresses and the perfect hairstyle!

Your prom party is approaching, and we are sure that after spending a lot of time choosing your prom dresses, shoes and accessories, you have them ready! However, have you decided your hairstyle?

Jovani, prestigious brand of the fashion industry and specialist in the creation of prom dresses, tell us that the hairstyle is the perfect complement to the dress. If you choose a correct hairstyle, you can improve your look even more. If on the contrary, you decide it wrong, you can ruin your outfit.

We want to help you and you have everything ready for that night. For that reason, we leave you a list of hairstyles that will look great and that are perfect for each type of dress. Choose the one you like most!


Currently, there are many hairstyles that you can choose for your prom party. You can wear your hair long or short, loose or collected, straight or wavy. There are many looks you can follow for your prom party. Each hairstyle depends a lot on the type of dress you will wear. For example, if you wear a dress with a neckline and sleeveless, you have the freedom to wear your hair up or down. On the contrary, if you have a dress with a collar, it is best to wear your hair up as in a ponytail style perhaps.

Just as fashion trends change regularly, hairstyles do too. It is no longer common to use a very elaborate hairstyle. Very high bows hairstyle is not in anymore. At present, minimalism is fashionable. It means that ideal hairstyles no longer have to be so overloaded. There are many perfect options; some examples are the following:


Many girls who have straight hair dream about looking different on a special day. Most of them search for the perfect curly hairstyle. There are three types of waves for which you can choose: light waves, total waves, and waves at the end of the hair. On the one hand, light waves is a simple option, but very nice. It is a very natural look. This type of hairstyle is ideal for you to wear a striking necklace since the hairstyle is not overloaded. On the other hand, the total waves are for girls who want to look totally curly hair. Finally, the waves at the end o the hair are ideal for girls with super long hair. It’s the best look you can have!


If you are a girl with wavy hair since you were little, then you have always dreamed of showing off a straight hair look. Fully ironed hair will be an option that will never go out of style. It is a classic hairstyle, and it is not ruined all night long. If you are a little more daring, you can choose to put on a few fuses of fantasy. It’s a fun option, and it will make you look very different that night.


it is a more elaborate hairstyle option, which consists of a ponytail on the side with some waves. It is the best alternative if you plan to wear very long earrings or a very large necklace.


it is the best alternative for girls who want or need to look more stylized. This is because it is a hairstyle that usually sharpens the face. A ponytail hairstyle also helps you look taller. If you choose this hairstyle, you can use it with long earrings and a pronounced neckline.


It is one of the favorite hairstyles at present, braids are ideal if you are a girl of very romantic and classic style. There are many options to wear a braid; you can use it on all the hair, wear it as a headband or use it on one side. There are a thousand and one options with which you can play. It is an original and super tender look.


it is one of the most modern and sexy hairstyles. It brings a lot of sensuality and focuses attention on your face. It consists of wearing a side stripe and elaborate waves from the middle of the hair down. If you use this hairstyle, you can choose to buy very long and elaborate earrings, as it will give prominence.

Choose the hairstyle that you like and enjoy your night very much!

Byron Benton

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