When you talk of attention grabbing women’s fashion, it is not just restricted to the trendy party wear that she is garbed in. It is actually much more than that. There happen to be many other factors, that greatly add to her beautiful looks. If you happen to barge into any evening event, prom party or a glittering get-together, you will find that the loveliness of the well-dressed woman is significantly enhanced by the appealing accessories that she puts on or carries along with her at the occasion. Women make sure their wardrobe is also stuffed with showpieces that act as a feather in the cap to add a glamorous appeal to gorgeous looks.

Majority of the chic women out there will make sure they make a lasting impression by stepping into a pair of high heels, wear a handsome hat or flaunt a clutch bag elegantly tucked into in their hands. The contemporary times have seen the rising trend of chic, compact and cool-to-carry clutch bags, that also go on to redefine the style statement of a woman. Amongst the hot favourites of celebrities, superstars and all fashionable women on this planet, the cobalt blue suede clutch crafted from finest Italian leather has become the rage of the town. Gone are the days when women carried bulky handbags that were difficult to carry and tough to take care of in the excitement and euphoria of the event.

The petite & pleasing clutch bag is a great way to carry all the essential necessities of a chic woman like keys, handy make-up kit and accessories required to keep her blissfully beautiful during all times of the day. The envelope-shaped, easily convertible suede clutch has been a great hit in the recent times due to its imaginative feature including a detachable chain strap, which gives you the freedom to use it as an over-the-shoulder clutch bag while running your dialy errands and at the same time use it as a chic cool purse in the hands to go together with the carefree party wear.

Apart from the cobalt blue, there happen to be a huge range of captivating colours available in the market. Picking the right one that’s identically same or a contrasting shade to your designer dress will be a stylish addition to your attire. Darling of the superstars, the cobalt blue suede clutch was recently spotted in the hands of former TOWIE star & TV personality Sam Faiers, who in a Tom Ford black dress looked stunning with the light blue velvety touch clutch sporting in her right hand. Discovering these clutches to suit your style, taste & occasion is very easy, as you can find in the online marketplace a huge assortment of formal clutches, casual clutches, party wear clutches, evening clutches or bridal clutches.

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