A woman is said to carry her world wherever she goes, inside her bag. Women are known to associate certain attributes to the ever favourite accessory the ladies bag. We, the women, feel that bags are very personal and functional as well as a mode of expressing oneself – it is a fashion accessory that speaks volumes about the status symbol of its owner. I had once questioned some women on how they felt about their own bags and all of them had agreed unanimously that ladies bags were very important to them and they also loved shopping for bags online and carrying them wherever they went.

You will also perhaps identify with this opinion since with a bag added to your look you can almost immediately achieve the desired image and look. Most of us modern women are going to agree that ladies bags have to meet the functional value but at the same time they should preferably not be too bulky to carry around. In terms of status symbol and fashion, the ladies who are conscious enough about such things have to say that their bags are a part of their fashion image and so a bag does have the potential to ruin ones fashion image if it is adorned in the wrong way or in the wrong combo!

Whether or not they consciously communicate their status, women do feel good about their bags that they carry. All of us even adore the idea of an expensive ladies bag in the latest design, like the ones we see in the pages of a glossy magazine or the huge hoardings in the streets and is often seen to be worn by a celebrity. Many of us feel that buying a hand bag is an investment, so we look for designs that are classic but smart and trendy so that the bags can be used in more than one fashion season. It is a matter of concern to many, that one bag that is so trendy currently becomes outdated in the next season, since they look at bags as a long term investment. This is perhaps why we do not mind to buy one that is pricey. Bags are forever and can be used to accessorize with what we are wearing to either complement the outfit or make a fashion statement along with the universal utility factor. Ladies bags are, at times, the most fun part of dressing while stepping outdoors.

Byron Benton

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