Laundry and dry cleaning are just two of the many different methods used for cleaning fabrics and for dry cleaning. They are mainly designed to desoil and clean articles of clothing. However, while laundry also damages your clothing, dry cleaning is actually a much better method. As the name suggests, dry cleaning does not use water as the primary cleaning agent. If you put your clothes in a conventional washing machine for laundry, the machine will use water and detergent as the primary cleaning method. Dry cleaning is completely different, and is carried out in the following manner:

  • It uses a specific machine for cleaning the clothes
  • Dry cleaning agents are used
  • It doesn’t damage the articles of clothing

If you have white clothes that need to be cleaned, you can look for a local company that offers experienced dry cleaning services in Cheltenham. Some of the many advantages of dry cleaning are highlighted below.

Prolonged Cloth Life

Because dry cleaning does not involve the use of harsh cleaning agents, the life of your clothing is improved considerably. Certain fabrics can only be cleaned via dry cleaning, so it’s recommended that you check the tag on the back first.

No Worries about Fading Colours

Another reason why you should get your clothes dry cleaned is because you won’t have to worry about fading colours. Colours usually fade due to harsh rinsing and the use of cleaning agents, none of which are required in dry cleaning. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your white shirts developing a yellowish tinge over time.



Byron Benton

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