Fashion can be tricky. On one hand, everybody keeps telling you to wear what you like and in whatever you feel comfortable and on the other hand the fashion police keeps lashing out if you try to do something different. Okay, not always. Only when you can’t see the difference between good different and bad different!

But, how do you know the choice you are making is a good one and not a fashion blunder? Since the list of what you can wear, what you can wear with what and how to wear your clothes to make a fashion statement is long, let’s stick to the fashion mistakes you have to focus on avoiding at any cost.

Socks with slippers and sandals or Bulky/Chunky Shoes

One word. ‘Really?’ If you happen to be one of those who just stepped out wearing a cool-tee, Capri or a suit paired with socks and sandals or chunky shoes, what were you thinking? Here’s why you should consider buying a men’s fashion magazine:
1.    What’s the point of wearing socks if you are feeling hot enough to wear a tee and a Capri?
2.    Among so many different styles, you opted for chunky shoes? That old, bulky, square toed look is gone my friend! Today, fashion is all about being sharp.

Too Shiny/sparkly or unflattering colors

Colors matter a great deal. Always choose only those colors that compliment your skin tone and avoid too bright or too dull colors. Similarly, leave those sparkly T-shirts and pants in the store where you saw them. There is nothing that wins over simplicity.

Steer Clear of Show-off

It’s great that you can afford that expensive designer wear, and hey, congrats too but do not fall into blaring those designer labels. Taking pride into what you wear is one thing, a little bit of sowing off doesn’t hurt too but wearing a T-shirt that loudly throws designer labels in other’s face is definitely a no.

Not taking time out for proper fit

Yes, we understand comfort matters the most but it doesn’t mean that you will enter your office or your cousin’s wedding looking like a hippie, well, unless you are. Look for comfort, but in clothes that compliment your body and fit you right.

Carrying Backpack with suit

Don’t you think entering your office carrying a backpack with that expensive suit looks a bit odd? Backpacks are casual while suits are formal so these two don’t really mix well, in fact, let’s just they don’t mix at all. If you do need to carry some stuff to office, opt for a suitcase or a messenger bag instead.

Byron Benton

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