The classic form of the business suit is, when being looked at in its most fundamental form, a jacket and trousers set which have been designed and made from matching material. The origins of the business suit is believed to have its roots from country wear which was first worn in England.

In the past (up till the 1960’s) hats and waistcoats were worn with different types of suits, while nowadays these aren’t your common accessories until a new fashion trend happens to come into being. The business suit, itself, was once only worn by a man, but over the past couple of decades, with an increase in the number of women entering management professions, the business style clothing has evolved.

Trends are an Ongoing Process

Take for example the trend which was known as the power suit. This was a conservative tailored suit worn by mostly males to help project a sense of self importance and confidence and authority. This phrase came to the fore in the 1980s, when big-shouldered, dark-coloured suits were considered a must wear for people who wished to be taken seriously in the world of business.

Shirts and Ties

Nowadays, both men’s and women’s suit shirts are typically available in a wide range of different colours and patterns.

  • Men traditionally and still typically wear a tie at the neck of the dress shirt.
  • In most cases, these are long, straight ties which may be in a solid colour or patterned;
  • Bow ties aren’t normally worn with a business suit unless there is a special reason or because of a recent fashion.

Matters of Material

Wool happens to be the most favoured fabric for a classic business suit and it can be comfortably worn in a number of climates and seasons, apart from where the weather is very warm. The use of silk or cotton are indeed a better option for those hot months.

And while artificial fabrics are commonly made use of for more inexpensive types of suits, suits which are made from polyester, rayon or other synthetic textiles aren’t as elegant or breathable when worn as the likes of natural materials like wool, silk and cotton are.

  • The perfect business suit should have a smooth drape on the body without any sign of it being either too tight or too loose.
  • Matters of affordable Sydney suit prices, have made them even more fashionable today.

A Business Suit is a Business Suit!

Business suits for males should never be mixed up with a tuxedo. The tuxedo, (AKA a tux), is more of a ceremonial type of suit made to be worn on special occasions and for evening wear.

A business suit is generally considered to be mostly for day wear, as in lunching with clients or attending a meeting of shareholders. And while nowadays these garments are found in some stores being sold ready to wear, it’s still a top quality tailor who can make all the difference in just looking smart and looking smart, elegant and stylish!

Byron Benton

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