Harsh sunlight with harmful UV rays can create problems for your eyes. The right pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes – and make you look really stylish, too.

We are so focussed on protecting our skin and hair from the harsh glare of the sunlight, that we often forget that the same sunlight causes a lot of distress to our eyes as well. Sunlight contains strong UVA and UVB rays, and these have high penetrative power. They can penetrate through the lenses of the eyes right through to the cornea. Over time, it can lead to macular degeneration, cataracts, and even partial blindness.

Sunglasses – more than just protection

The simplest way to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation is to wear a high quality pair of sunglasses. Too often, people tend to go for style rather than features when it comes to sunglasses. Though your new shades may make you look really great, you have to check if they are up to the task of shielding your eyes properly.

The best brands in sunglasses, like Ray Ban India, have shades with Polaroid® technology – it is effective in filtering out up to 100% of UV rays. These sunglasses are good options for those who drive regularly or who have to travel outdoors for work – it cuts the risk of the eyes absorbing harmful sunlight and becoming distressed or diseased. In fact, all Ray Ban India sunglasses offer some degree of UV protection, and the brand is a safe bet when you’re buying new shades.

Meanwhile, sunglasses shade the eyes in such a way that you don’t need to scrunch your eyelids any more – this saves the delicate skin around the eyes from constant pressure. Those wearing sunglasses have a lower chance of developing crow’s feet and premature age lines around the eyes than those who don’t.

How to pick the right sunglasses

* Look for UV protection. The manufacturer will specify the degree of UV protection the sunglasses provide. Look for shades that mention UV 400 or 100% sun protection – you can find these with brands like Ray Ban India.

* Check your facial shape before buying. For most of us, wearing sunglasses is a matter of style rather than eye health. But not just any pair of shades will do – the frames and their styling must complement the shape of your face. For example, a square jawed face can easily pull off Aviators or round lenses (like John Lennon glasses). You can check which kind of frame will best go with the size and shape of your face before buying. When buying sunglasses, look for the product specs like rim type, frame and lens colour, manufacturer details, care specifications, etc.

* Look for discounts. The best shopping apps like Jabong have a wide range of sunglasses for both men and women, covering the best international and domestic brands. The Jabong app routinely has discounts across brands, so you can always find a great new pair of shades at a fantastic price.

Byron Benton

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