Truth be told, you want to turn heads as you appear for that special occasion, party, or dinner date. What you wear makes the first impression and impacts how people perceive you. That is why you should have the occasion in mind when shopping for an outfit. Dresses come in a wide variety, making it challenging to make up your mind on what to choose. Below are the tips to keep in mind when hopping for dresses.


When shopping for dresses, keep the occasion in mind as it determines the type of outfit you should wear. A romantic red midi-dress may be perfect for that dinner date with your special person, while boho dresses for women with strappy sandals make the perfect combination for summer travels. Consider the occasion as you don’t want to look too casual for an official event or too serious for a casual affair.


Fit is the primary factor that many women consider when buying dresses. Note that a dress can only make you look good if it fits you perfectly. If you are shopping for dresses online, ensure you know your measurements to get a size that will fit you well. Consider your body shape when looking at the fit because a dress may be your right size but may not look well if it is not designed for your body type. That is why customized pieces come in handy.


Dresses come in various designs that can leave you spoilt for choice. When it comes to the design, your body type and preferences influence your choice. Some dress designs are well suited for certain body types than others. To help you narrow down your choices, consider the occasion because the design should suit the function you want to wear the dress to. Other things to look at when choosing the design are the sewing techniques and fashion trends.

Quality of the fabric

Another critical thing to check when shopping for dresses is the quality of the fabric. The fabric used determines the texture and longevity of the dress. If you have never encountered a particular material before, find out its characteristics first before purchasing the dress. Ensure the fabric is comfortable in terms of texture and feel. A high-quality fabric does not stretch, discolor, fade or shrink when washed, which means it is durable.


The color of the dress tells more about your personality. Although the color is not much of an influence when shopping for dresses, you will want to consider it if you want to pair the dress with some accessories in your closet. Choose a color that compliments the accessories and shoes you will wear with the dress.


The price is another factor that could influence your choice of a dress. For many people, all the factors narrow down to the price when buying dresses. High-quality dresses might be too expensive, but you can shop around to get the best deals.  Low prices dresses might be a compromise of quality. If you don’t have much money, you can avoid designer stores that only stock expensive designer dresses. Try to shop around and take advantage of offers to get quality dresses within your budget.

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