6 Awesome Last-Minute Diwali Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

Diwali – the carnival of decorations is just close by, filling our souls with excitement and joy. Home decorating, exchanging gifts, purchasing new apparel, exchanging mouth watering sweets, bursting crackers, playing cards, and a lot more. This beautiful festival brings essence and aura with it. The one worry that most of us face is going through the hassles of last-minute Diwali gifting ideas.  

Last-minute buying of gifts needs to be such that your friends and family think that you did plan in advance to buy them. Select the gifts that make your friends and family go aww, such as elegant women’s gift watches for the ones closest to you or nice EarPods for your cousins or friends!

In the present digital world, shopping for Diwali does not require stepping out and scouting shops to buy gifts. Shopping for gifts can be done conveniently right at your home. Numerous online gifting websites house the finest sweets, Lakshmi idols, flowers, goodies, fashion accessories, and much more, making it convenient for you to choose the right ones for your near and dear ones. Here are six great gifting ideas for you!

Designer Candles:

The first image that comes to mind for Diwali is candles and lights. So gifting beautiful, well-designed, scented candles makes sense. You can also add designer gold plated diyas to light up the festive spirit and add beauty to the home decor of your beloved ones!

Skincare Hampers:

We would all love to have a glowing face before Diwali. A gift idea this Diwali would be to give your loved ones a lovely skincare hamper. Gift wrap them to glamorize for the festive season. You can buy skincare gift hampers, both offline and online.

Art Set:

Are you planning to buy premium gifts for interior decoration? Nothing can be more special than this! Give your near & dear ones art frames and art sets to spruce up their home this festival season. Art sets make a great Diwali gifting choice as they will not only add beauty to their home interiors but can be used all over the year.

Food Gift Boxes:

Diwali celebrations seem half-hearted and incomplete, without a thousand calories worth of sweets and snacks. If you are planning a visit to someone’s house to wish them Diwali, take along with you a basket of the delightful sweet box. Your near and dear ones will not mind them!

Handmade Home Decor:

For home decor lovers, this is a fantastic gift idea for this Diwali. Hand-crafted portions of home decoration get appreciated by all. Also, if you love to create and have the skills of a craftsman and have some spare time, you might want to prepare some lovely home decor articles for your loved ones this Diwali. If you are short on time, and cannot make it on your own, alternatively, you can purchase handmade house decor articles from crafts workers who sell, or you can buy online.

Wrist Watch:

We reserved the best for the last. A watch can be your absolute gift for this festival of light, optimism, and joy. Such a perfect gift will always remind them of your love. People can wear the timepiece every day, and the beauty of a wristwatch is that it goes well with almost every outfit. Watch is an essential part of your fashion statements, a status symbol, and such gifts can make them look more handsome and prettier, respectively. You do not have to step out to search for brands. Instead, go online and type the best watch brands in India, and you will find several options, such as Timex Giorgio Galli Special Edition Analogue Watch.

We are all very enthusiastic about this Diwali, especially when the world has started to recover from the pandemic. Gifting is an essential part of Diwali, and hence, people tend to get nervous about gifts to choose from or last-minute Diwali gifting ideas. We hope you find the list of Diwali gift ideas helpful.

Have a safe and wonderful Diwali!

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