Aran Sweater – the perfect companion for the summer season

Summer is finally here, and at Aran Sweater Market we are enjoying the longer days and (mostly) sunnier weather. But, even in much warmer climates, an Aran sweater remains a wardrobe essential. Such a versatile piece can take you through many summer occasions, from beach cover-up to afternoon tea; early morning walks to late nights outside round the campfire. Here is our guide to styling your Aran sweater – the perfect companion for the summer season.

Patchwork perfection

Aran style is timeless and our classic look means an Aran sweater is perfect for any occasion. Our patchwork cardigan is an all-time customer favourite, featuring deluxe wool pieced together in an intricate pattern. Bohemian styling could take you to the beach in this piece, but with a touch of jewellery sparkle and your best jeans, it’s also perfect for an evening with friends. Aran Sweater Market offers this cardigan in a choice of colours, including beige, oatmeal, red, purple, and blue. Those who want to maximise versatility may opt for the neutral shades, which will pair well with anything from those well-worn jeans to a colourful summer maxi skirt. However, deep reds, misty blues and dreamy purples look stunning and create a centrepiece for your wardrobe to work around. They do the heavy fashion lifting, giving much greater interest to otherwise plain outfits. Whatever your colour preference, the Aran patchwork cardigan is a style essential for summer.

Crew neck sweaters for smart-casual occasions

While woollens create a relaxed vibe, the rich quality of Aran sweaters speaks of luxury and adds a little glamour to the most casual of days. Our crew neck sweater is a lighter option for easy wear. Teamed with a classic tea dress and elegant heeled boots, it completes the perfect afternoon tea outfit. Whether you are meeting friends or celebrating a special occasion, this wardrobe staple is a fantastic-looking way to stay warm on cooler days, complementing even the most formal of dresses. The crew neck sweater is part of Aran Sweater Market’s easy care range, meaning it is machine washable and can be worn time after stylish time. There is a shade for every summer style, from mint greens to pink marls and soft blues. White is always a popular choice, the original neutral shade that makes a perfect pairing with bright patterned skirts or ditsy print vintage dresses.

Boho chic

Boho chic is a style statement that never goes out of fashion. At the root of the look is finding clothing pieces that express your individual creativity, but which also flatter and add a little glamour to your image. Aran sweaters are the perfect balance of these two ideas – artisan pieces that speak of creative flair and originality, but with a luxury finish and classic heritage that give the wearer a special je ne sais quoi. One of our favourite boho chic pieces for the summer season is our Aran Diamond Trellis Cape. Made from 100% super soft merino wool, this one not only looks beautiful but feels amazing to wear. The intricate detailing gives substance to the easy-to-wear shape. Slip it on over that little black dress when you are walking out for dinner, or use it on the beach when the wind turns colder. Team it with sandals for summer fun, but know that it will work as well with boots in the winter. Think long strolls along beautiful Celtic beaches, of watching sunsets while staying warm in your merino cape. Clothing that connects to heritage but also stays at the fashion forefront.  Boho chic is a versatile and timeless style for everyone, and here at Aran Sweater Market we love it. You’ll be wearing our boho chic pieces for many years to come.

Chill time

Aran sweaters are perfect for long lazy summer days. Their soft wearability makes them a go-to item for taking on family holidays, on days out, and to the beach. Leave your modern loungewear at home – an Aran sweater can keep you comfortable while relaxing AND remaining stylish! Pair yours with soft cut trousers or leggings for a chilled out vibe that you’ll enjoy wearing. One of our favourite pieces for summer relaxation is our cropped patchwork Aran cardigan. This lightweight style will keep you the right temperature without weighing you down. It’s natural organic wool will leave you feeling satisfied that your purchase has had a positive impact, while the Aran heritage shines through in the traditional patterns used for the design. This cardigan features three ancient Aran patterns: the cable, blackberry, and trellis. All Aran patterns are steeped in ancient symbolism and reflect the beauty of the Irish landscape, giving you a direct connection to summer’s natural environment.

Why woollens work in summer

Although many people think of wool sweaters as a winter clothing choice, the reasons you should have Aran in your summer wardrobe aren’t just fashion based. Your Aran sweater will take you through the summer season and effortlessly into autumn and winter. Because wool is a natural fibre, it is better at regulating body temperature than synthetic equivalents. In fact, it works with your body temperature, keeping you cool in summer as well as hot in winter – magic!

Timeless style

A typical Aran sweater contains over 100,000 stitches, and represents many, many hours of work. This level of master craftsmanship is only found in very special traditions, and each piece is a unique item made to be treasured. When you purchase a piece from Aran Sweater Market, you are participating in an ancient custom whilst also acquiring something that has up-to-the-minute fashion credentials. So while our Aran sweaters are perfect companions for the summer season, remember yours will travel with you for years, through hot seasons and cold, keeping you just the right temperature – and always in style.

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