Classic Autumn Outfit Ideas For Your Little Girl

Photo by JoEllen Moths from Pexels

With summer ending and the weather starting to cool, it’s high time for some new season style shopping for the little lady in your family.

Autumn fashion for kids is all about adorable cosy materials, soft textures and warm colors. But choosing the right clothes can get tricky as anything too thick and bulky will end up leaving little ones feeling uncomfortable.

If you are in search of inspiration for rebuilding your toddler girl’s cold-weather wardrobe, here are some cute classic children clothing tips to help you decide:

Invest In High Quality Jackets

From gilets to bombers or puffer jackets, a good quality overcoat is something we all need when transiting from warm, to cold weather.

The difference between kids’ jackets and the ones for adults is that many times, for grown-ups clothes are all about style, fashion, and looking good. For kids, overcoats should be more about comfort, feeling cosy and keeping them warm.

Of course we want our children’s clothes to look good too. But most importantly they should feel good! The best autumn coats for little girls feature high-quality materials that will keep her cozy all autumn long.

Dress Them In Layers

When cold weather approaches, dressing kids in more layers of clothes is the way to go. Layering will also allow your little girl to get easily undressed when temperatures are transiting, so you won’t risk her overheating.

But don’t take layering easy and just pile a bunch of clothes on top of eachother. Your baby will end up feeling uncomfortable and sweaty, and can even catch a cold. The best way to layer is by adding a maximum of three layers: the first layer, being next to the skin, should wick moisture, the second should insulate while the third should protect from wind or rain.

And although in general we don’t recommend dressing your kids in synthetic fibers, fabrics such as polyester or nylon are more efficient than wool or cotton  for absorbing sweat making them a good first layer choice.

Go For Onesies

For toddlers and newborns, baby longalls and onesies are the perfect way to make sure your little one stays warm as temperatures start to drop. Although intended for sleeping, onesies are comfortable, versatile, and can be also worn outside by themselves if the weather gets too hot.

When looking for the right onesies, you should opt for soft fabrics that are delicate to the skin such as cotton or fleece.

Charming Boots

Although sandals are fun to wear in the summer, boots have their charm too! Except for covering your little girl’s feet and protecting her from the cold, they can also be a stylish addition to any little fashionista’s autumn outfit.

We know that most of the parents will mostly look for functionality when picking up shoes. But this doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality. It’s better to buy a more expensive pair which keeps her feet dry, than get a cheap one which breaks after the first run in the rain.

Hats And Scarves

Who doesn’t love little girls wearing hats? There is something incredibly cute about baby girl accessories.

Not only do hats and scarves keep your baby warm and protected but they can also help her entire outfit appear more put up together and stylish. And if you want to add a pop of color to an otherwise plain outfit, socks, gloves, or hats are the best way to go about it.

Have A Raincoat At Hand

When it comes to rainy days of autumn, raincoats are the most lightweight and comfortable piece of clothing for kids. Have we also mentioned they are also fun and all kids love them ?

On top of that, raincoats are also practical and easy to carry around fitting easily in any backpack or school bag. Go for bright colors and funny prints. And since all kids love having fun in the rain, don’t be surprised to see your little girl run out the door for a little puddle jumping adventure.

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