E I can Summer Fashion for Gentlemen: The Ultimate Guide to Completing your Official Look in Summer

Choosing a suit to wear during the summer seasons can be quite challenging. You need to wear your official in a particular way, considering the warmth of the weather. Many people find it difficult to choose their outfits but if you have to wear a suit to work, you cannot escape this. But there is no need to worry. This article is a compilation of the things you need to consider when choosing your summer suit to complete your official look. With the guide, you can effortlessly achieve your formal look. Check them out.

The Color

Mostly, medium or light grey are the best colors for your official suit. You can easily transform from work to an evening event without having to change your clothes. King’s Custom Tailor offers a variety of color options you can choose for your business and casual wear. The point is buying a light-colored suit that is comfortable for you. Think of how you can blend these colors for a cheerful look. For instance, you can combine a pair of white trousers with a pink coat. Summer offers a wide range of colors. You just need to choose your favorite.

The Texture and Material

When focusing on suits for summer, tailors and personal stylists recommend silk or linen materials. These materials are perfect for the summer weather since they offer elegance, breathability, and lightweight. The important things to consider when choosing materials and texture are breathability and weight. Light cotton and linen are suitable materials for summer suits since they offer elegance and they are not too heavy.

The Shirt

White shirts always look good with all suits. However, when wearing a light-colored suit, you may feel washed out. Stylists recommend going a bit dark with the shirt. For example, a light beige suit can go well with a light pink shirt. Always wear a light-colored shirt like pastel or the same color as your suit, but lighter.

The Shoes

Shoes are vital finishes of your suit. Try wearing summer loafers, brown in color. Considering the light color of your suit, wearing black shoes could look off. If you are too formal, choose brown, navy, olive, or beige suedes but if you are not too formal, loafers are a great choice.

The Belt and Other Accessories

Even after choosing all the above things, you could still ruin your look if you choose the wrong belt, tie, or other accessories. Confidently, summer suits tend to lie more in the casual area. So, it is understandable if you don’t wear a tie. However, if you have to wear one, go for light colors. The rule of the thumb when wearing a linen suit is never to wear a tie. You may add a colorful pocket square instead.

Choosing a suit during summer doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The trick is choosing colors that are lighter than those you wear during winter. These are crucial things you should consider to ensure your summer look is complete and you can enjoy your day without worrying about looking odd.

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