How to Take Care of Your Sunglasses

Olympic Eyewear, a company specializing in discount sunglasses sold in assorted batches, say that one of the reasons this type of product is so popular among retail outlets is that people like to own multiple pairs of glasses.

And the reason for owning several pairs is that sunglasses have many uses, come in many unique stylesand, ultimately, that its always wise to have a few spare pairs around in the event of loss or damage.

Of course, though, this particular phenomenon doesn’t actually apply to the high-fashion designer sunglasses offered by the big brands. These are normally too expensive for people to buy a back-up pair, so taking care of them becomes a much bigger concern.

Furthermore, the reason this is such a big concern is that these glasses, despite what many think, are actually not more durable than your typical pair of inexpensive sunglasses.

When consumers buy the big-name sunglasses, they are typically paying for a brand and the prestige which can be derived thereof. The simple inclusion of the Ray Banlogo, for example, as well as the fact that celebrity A-listers have often endorsed them, is the real reason for the hefty prices attached to these sunglasses.

This then means that taking care of such glasses becomes a serious concern for those who own them – because the price tag means that replacing them can be extremely costly! If you, as a consumer, want to worry a bit less about this type of thing, then a pair – or a few pairs – of durable and lightweight sunglasses are the way to go.

Short of making that switch, however, you are going to need to learn how to take care of a pair of sunglasses.

Basics of Sunglasses Care

Of course, this is also a good idea regardless of what sunglasses you have invested in. Proper care will always make a pair last longer. Sometimes, the proper care of a pair of expensive sunglasses can simply boil down to not wearing them too often (and here the inexpensive wholesale glasses can pick up the slack and satisfy your sun-blocking needs).

Nevertheless, there are also a few tips and practices you can get into the habit of doing, which will certainly extend the life of your sunglasses. Here follows a few of them:

Prevent Scratches

Scratches are sure to gradually degrade the visibility offered by sunglasses (as well as the protection) over time. If you want maximum scratch protection, glass lenses are best. However, you can also take care to ensure that you store your glasses in a case.

Smudges and Grime

Glasses can pick up oil and dirt from our hands as we handle them or from anything else they come into contact with. One of the best ways to deal with this is to apply regular cleaning with wet – and then a dry – cloth. You can also avoid touching the lenses when you handle the glasses.

Avoid Harmful Cleaning Substances

Not all cleaning substances are appropriate for sunglasses lenses. For example, you should avoid all household cleaners. Instead, go with an approved lens cleaner and use a microfiber cloth.

Avoid Exposure to Intense Heat

Sunglasses can deal with the sun, of course. However, the magnified sun through a car window pounding sunglasses left on the dashboard can cause them to delaminate. Simply keep them out of such situations with a case or by placing them in the glove compartment.

These tips will help you get a longer life out of your glasses, which can be particularly useful if you’ve paid a lot for them.

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