Permanent Makeup Services in Los Angeles: What is it, and Who Uses It?

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique used in med spas and plastic surgery clinics that employs permanent pigmentation of the dermis (permanent makeup) for patients who have particular beauty goals they wish to achieve, or for individuals who have experienced scarring from accidents or surgical procedures. For example, women who have had breast cancer surgery will seek out medical tattoo providers that offer permanent makeup services in Los Angeles, as will women who have had trauma to the face that requires eyebrow tattoos.

Permanent makeup also enhances natural coloration of the skin, lips, face, eyelids and eyebrows. Permanent makeup can also come in the form of areola tattoos for women who have head breast surgeries. The clinician will use the color of your pigment to make the results look natural.

Permanent Makeup Services for the Eyebrows

When we age, many of us lose our eyebrows. Senior citizens who want to regain a natural look will seek out permanent makeup services in Los Angeles to have eyebrows added. Furthermore, people who suffer from alopecia totalis will seek out permanent makeup to create eyebrows, as will those who lost their eyebrows due to chemotherapy, and people who suffer from genetic disturbances. People can also seek permanent makeup services in Los Angeles to create eyebrows for accidents. If someone’s face gets burned from goofing off around a pizza oven, their eyebrows could be burned off. Also, victims of practical jokes involving strong epoxies or extra strength glue can lose their eyebrows if the substance is put on that area. Permanent makeup and give back the natural look of eyebrows.

Permanent Makeup Services can Correct Pigmentation Issues or Birthmarks

In some cases people have lighter or darker spots on their body due to pigmentation problems. Permanent makeup services in Los Angeles are sought after by people with this condition, who want an even skin tone all over their body. Clinicians will create the right pigment color and fill in the spots giving the patient a natural look with bright, beautiful skin. Permanent makeup cna also hide embarrassing birthmarks on the face, or anywhere else on the body.

Permanent Makeup Services in Los Angeles can Replace the Need for Plastic Surgery

Often, people think they need to see a plastic surgeon to correct things about their body. And LA is full of plastic surgeons. However, permanent makeup services in Los Angeles are safer, more cost effective ways for people to achieve their beauty goals. In many cases, people will seek skin grafts or other painful procedures to correct the way their face or body looks. However, when you find permanent makeup services in Los Angeles offered by specialists like Ruth Swissa that performs micropigmentation, you will have better options. Also known as semi-permanent makeup, micropigmentation is a noninvasive permanent makeup treatment that can enhance the cheeks, scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, and even enable the eyelids to better work with eyeliner. It also treats the lips for color correction. Just as people use Photoshop to color correct their photos, permanent makeup services in Los Angeles can color correct your face and body to give you a beautiful, natural look.

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