Putting The Shine In Your Everyday Life: Jewelry Trends To Follow In 2023

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If you are into pieces of jewelry because of how they complete your attire and enhance your appearance, then you must keep your eyes on jewelry trends in 2023. This year, as expected, we will be able to see various kinds of jewelry pieces trending. You can get your jewelry from Moon Jewelry because Moon Jewelry will always be fashionable.

This article explores jewelry trends you can keep your eyes on in 2023. So, without wasting your precious time, let’s delve into them.

1.   Big and bold

2023 will be the year of the bold statement necklace or bracelet. Bring out your most eye-catching necklaces, bracelets, and rings, and consider expanding your collection with a few new pieces of jewelry currently on trend. However, there is no need to go overboard and wear all of them at the same time. You can just choose a Mini Simplicity Ring for the day.

2.   Silver jewelry

Silver jewelry will witness a rise in popularity this year, even though gold will continue to be a staple in your accessories collection, particularly because the color of 14-karat gold complements all complexions. Do you want to get in on the action with this trend? Browse our selection of massive, statement silver jewelry and items with a gothic aesthetic. Silver jewelry or a stainless steel anklet is a good choice because it has a color that is neutral, adaptable, and easy to wear.

3.   Cuffing season

One excellent example of creating an understated statement with just one piece of jewelry is using a silver or gold cuff. It seems that wearing cuff bracelets is the quickest and easiest method to make any outfit look more put together. The impact is significant, even though the silhouette is typically a thick, arched curve. To begin, cuffs are typically detachable, making it possible to wear them in a variety of different configurations. If you want a more traditional appearance, wrap one or more cuffs around each wrist, so they are visible through your shirt or sweater sleeves. Make the trend more interesting by slipping the cuff up your forearm.

4.   Not your grandma’s pearl

The use of pearl jewelry is one fashion trend that does not appear to fade anytime soon. Pearls are making a modern resurgence, even though you might picture your grandma wearing a turtleneck and pearls when you think of the classic outfit. In recent years, pearls have become increasingly popular as an accessory for casual looks, largely due to celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Hailey Bieber. These pearls can be worn to complement any event, from a book club meeting to a fundraising party to a kid’s soccer game.

5.   Beaded jewelry

The beaded jewelry pieces are renowned for their sturdiness, affordability, and amazing flexibility. Both casual and formal attire could be worn with them. They are available in various neutral hues, including white, black, and brown. Additionally, if you prefer wearing jewelry in different hues, you can get beaded moonstone bracelets or necklaces in any shade that suits your taste. So you should get yourself a few pieces of beaded jewelry today.



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