Top 7 Essential Hat Styles Every Dad Needs

Over time, hats have sealed their role as an essential part of men’s clothing. They have developed from just items used to protect the head from the sun, to statement pieces that are a versatile enhancement to any outfit. From fedoras to trilbys, the list is impressive.

The best part is that age and profession are no limits to who gets to wear these hats. That’s right. Just about anyone can pull these pieces off. Here are the essential hat styles that every guy, including dads, needs to have in their closets.


One hat that has stood the test of time is the fedora. Its notorious history as a hat, especially for “gangsters” in the ‘20s through ‘50s. The fedora is also a hipsters’ favorite choice in early 2000, which has done nothing to dampen its trend. The Fedora has a firm brim with an indented crown. Although variations appear in its brim size and color, it is almost always advisable to stick to neutral colors and medium sizes.


Oftentimes, trilbys are confused with the fedora because of their similarities in structure. Still, the trilby has a narrower brim and a taller crown than the fedora. Commonly worn as a fashion piece rather than a functional one, this hat is worn at the back of the head (as opposed to pulling it firmly over the head). Because of their chic design, the trilbys can be styled from spring through autumn.

Pork Pie

The pork pie style was, and still is, associated with jazz and the blues culture. The hat features a cylindrical crown with a flat top. Just like the trilby, it also sports a narrow brim. When paired right, the pork pie hat exudes a certain class and modern aesthetics. Not surprisingly, the hat can be worn all year round. It is, however, advisable to opt for the ones made with straw in summer and the ones made with felt in the winter.

Flat caps

Flat caps are easily identifiable with their rounded shape that sits close to the head and stiff brims. They have humble beginnings, said to be worn mostly by farmers. This stylish headwear is commonly made with thick materials (cotton, tweed, and wool). Flat caps are best styled with casual outfits.

Dad hats

Dad hats are exceptional hat accessories that are versatile, low-profile, and scream laid-back style. The name is believed to be coined because it is what middle-aged men (and most likely your old man) would wear. Characterized by a slightly curved brim and unstructured frame, the dad hat can be worn on various occasions. Its most distinctive feature, the adjustable strap back closure, is what makes it endearing; it’s a one-size-fits-all item!

One popular trending style is black culture dad hats. Why not be bold and choose a hat that speaks to your lifestyle, culture, or beliefs?

Panama hats

Having their origin in Ecuador, South America, the Panama hats carry their distinct wide-brimmed style well. The hats were made with blue skies and summer in mind, so wearing them during winter is impractical. They are commonly bright, weightless, and easy to style with a beach-wear ensemble.


In the past, people regarded beanies only as winter clothing. Currently, they have attained the status of timeless fashion pieces. A beanie could take an outfit look from street to classy in an instant. While keeping your head warm, the beanie makes your style sizzling hot. The pattern and textures in which they come also adds to their versatility. The chunky woolen types can be worn in the spring, while the sleek slouchy kinds can be worn in spring or summer.

When selecting the perfect hat for your outfit, opt for designs that are classy and quality. Quality trumps quantity every time.

Choosing a hat style to incorporate could be a monumental task. Hence. You might want to ease into wearing hats before one can rock them with confidence. Select an easy dad hat, a beanie, or a flat cap. Once those hurdles have been crossed, the other daring hat styles would be less intimidating.

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