What is the Difference Between a Pendant and a Necklace?

Jewelry is loved by many people, and it is mainly common among women. Pendants and necklaces are intricate jewelry pieces available in different styles and designs. Their vast availability makes them suitable for other occasions.

Both the pendant and necklace are worn around the neck. A necklace can be described as jewelry that goes around the neck, while a pendant is attached to a necklace or anklet. A necklace resembles a wire or lace, and it occurs in different types.

Necklace pieces are made using cheap, expensive materials like silver, gold, or diamonds. The necklace’s primary goal is to improve your look since it pulls all the attention to your face. Pendants have existed for a while, and people used to hang shells and rocks in the ancient days. Today, the most common stones used as pendants include gold and diamonds.

Pendants are worn to show riches, especially in Egyptian culture. This was the top way to differentiate between the rich and poor. Pendants were used as charms in other cultures as the locals believed they had a colossal charm, thus, using them for protection against certain evils. These items are awarded in sports events, meaning they symbolize victory and status.

Below we discuss the types of necklaces;

  • Chain

A chain is a necklace-type with a similar design as a cable. Chains are made using different metals and have different characteristics and values. The chain is bigger and heavier than other types of necklaces.

They are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Some have a basic appearance, while others are decorated heavily.

  • Cascade

A cascade necklace is also called the multiple strand lace because its numerous strands are the first thing people notice. The cascades are unique and among the most common types of necklaces. It offers a bold personality and statement and forms an aesthetic style that accentuates femininity.

The cascades are used for different occasions like friendly parties and weddings, and you should be careful when choosing the design.

  • Choke

The choker necklace chokes the wearer, as the name suggests, and is different from other necklaces. These necklaces are made to rest above the collarbones and fall along the neck bottom.

Certain chokers include a breathing space while others rest over the collarbones. The choker necklace is common because it accentuates both the neck and shoulders.

Types of Pendants

Below are the most common types of pendants for women;

  • Diamond pendant

The diamond pendant is not only known for its luxurious status but also for its unique design. It is one of the most precious jewels in the jewel industry. The most significant percentage of pendants globally are made using diamond, and it is liked because of its versatility and flexibility. Diamond pendants are versatile and are available in different types.

They also come in different sizes, ensuring there is one for every occasion.

Final Thoughts

Pendants and necklaces are common jewelry, especially for women. Unlike what people assume, they are different, and the above article has discussed their main differences.

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