What You Need to Know about Heart Shape Rings

The shape of the heart has always been symbolized for the feelings of love, desire, and romance. This shape is often recreated in moments of love and affection, especially when you’re finally looking to become engaged to your long-term partner. Because of its monumental romantic history, getting your fiancée, a heart-shaped diamond ring can be the most symbolic and eye-catching moment for your engagement.

In the past, heart-shaped rings were quite rare and costly. But now, they have earned their place amongst some of the more common cuts of gems (which the beauty of a heart can come in different styles and gem colors). So, if you or your fiancé is looking to make a statement, then a unique heart-shaped cut ring can be an expression of your love.

Too Clingy?

Some people feel that the symbolism of love is too obvious for an engagement. They believe that heart-shaped rings show that you’re being tacky and oversentimental. But there are some women who feel that the heart design adds feelings and sentiments of thought into the relationship.

The question of whether you should opt for a heart-shaped ring or not completely depends on the personality of the wearer. If the wearer is affectionate and displays emotional nature, then heart-shaped rings are a paradise for you. 

Things to Consider When Buying Heart Shaped Rings:

When buying a heart-shaped ring, you have to be cautious about the look. The dimensions and aspects of this type of ring buying differ from the ordinary ones. That is why we have discussed a few tips you should know when buying heart-shaped rings:

Look for Symmetry

The first thing you should look for when buying a heart-shaped ring is the symmetry of its stone. If the stone has a defect, however minor, it will ruin the overall look of the ring. That is why you should get the stone checked out for perfect symmetry on both sides.

Choosing the Right Ratio

Another factor that dictates the shape and quality of heart-shaped rings is choosing the right Length to Width factor. Usually, a classic heart-shaped diamond exhibits a length to width ratio of 1.00.

Anything above 1.05 starts to elongate the stone while anything below 0.95 makes it look wide (and who wants that look on their finger). It is not necessary to always aim for the factor of 1.00. This choice can be made according to your tastes and requirements.

Ensure the Right Size

A heart-shaped diamond is somewhat more expensive than a regular diamond. This is because it requires more effort and precision when cutting. When spending the amount of money you will, you would not want to have noticeable inclusions that are visible with the naked eye. This can be prevented by selecting a diamond appropriate to the size of the finger worn on. Just remember, the bigger the size; the more noticeable inclusions become.  

Cut Quality

It takes a substantial amount of skill to cut a diamond into the shape of a heart. It demands perfect symmetry, which can only be performed by a professional gem cutter. Not all cutters are such skilled. That is why it is essential to get the quality of the gem checked out by a professional gemologist; as well as, know the details of the diamond. This is so that you may not regret it later by paying for size but not quality.

Choose a Color Grade

Heart-shaped rings are all about flaunting the affection. This makes them an ideal carrier for colorful gemstones and colored diamonds (white, yellow, and even chocolate). Each color grade has a minor tone difference from the previous one and ups the price by a pretty huge margin. That is why, when choosing a color grade, you have to carve a balance between your budget and the color of the diamond.

Arrange the Settings Perfectly

Once you choose the stone, the next need to know is to ensure you have it fit into the prongs tightly. Did you know you have a number of options available? Yep, the options range from solitaire to halo settings. Luckily, we’ve been able to figure out some perfect matches:

  •     In case you want extra security, a 3-prong setting will work out perfectly for small heart-shaped diamonds. For larger diamonds, a 5-prong setting will have to suffice.
  •     For an extra bit of sparkle and attention, a halo setting works out perfectly for your heart-shaped ring.

Decide on a Budget

The most important thing you’ll have to keep in mind is your wallet (unless you keep your money in your pocket). Remember what was said at the beginning…heart-shaped rings are not cheap! You wouldn’t want to over-spend and empty your bank account on an engagement ring. Know ahead of time how much you are willing to commit to spending and stick to it. After all, it is not about size, but about love. 

The choice of whether to select a heart-shaped ring or not depends on several factors. When buying, ensure your soon-to-be fiancée will love it as much as you do.. Heart-shaped rings are the best variety in the market and can make your fiancée look unique and charming. Oh, and loved!

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