5 Outfits to Make a Stylish Comeback to the Office

The summer has not finished stretching, but it is time to shut down and come back to plunge into serious things … To avoid drowning ideas while thinking of the start of the school year, the good plan is to focus on anything that can put you in a good mood. Online clothing website expert helps you! Take in a deep breath of fresh air, pack in all the positive energy you’ve amassed this summer, and get ready to come back in! What to wear at the office? Nothing but what looks like you. Here’s your back-to-school success guide, to know how to dress at the office after a good vacation.

  1. The stylist’s proposal

The outfit of the day for this fall is a return to the office and vintage trendy womens blouses in raw tones and its neutral houndstooth blazer. And to complete the look, the famous flared jeans, perfectly seasonal. Add an exotic leather bag (synthetic, of course!) For a more sophisticated touch… And you’re ready for your first day!

  1. Black biker jacket and animal print top

If your working conditions are not too strict, now is the time to dare. Explore your rebellious side and get started in urban style with an animal print top and the absolute classic of mid-season jackets: the perfecto. Pair up trendy women’s blouses with skinny jeans in grey tones and, for a touch of colour, a mini handbag. Don’t forget the lipstick and your best smile, to dazzle the whole team!

  1. Floral print skirt and white shirt

Okay, this is the cover, but no one will take you off your summer look. Besides, you are right, the season is not over! To make this the perfect back-to-work outfit, pair your floral-patterned skirt (in earth tones) with a white shirt. And if the back-to-school breeze tickles your neck, add a white biker jacket to your outfit for a luminous outfit. A small leather bag and on the way to meetings, which will pass faster than ever!

Second option: You can also go for a combination of skirt with trendy tops online for a ruffled look.

  1. Classic outfit: navy blazer and tapered pants

For this start of the school year, you can combine office attire with classic. Elegant and cool at the same time, face the recovery in style, by mixing a navy-blue blazer with beige tapered pants. Pair it all with your favourite geometric print shirt if you want to avoid the overly serious side of the basic or plain shirt.

  1. 100% feminine look: pale pink blazer and flocked t-shirt

Office attire doesn’t have to be hard and cold. You can bet on a good dose of femininity, and assume it! Here is a perfect look for the office, with a touch of originality: flocked trendy tops online and skirt in neutral tones, topped with the piece that changes everything … The pink blazer that breaks codes and conventions, to illuminate the open space!

Hope! It helped you.

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