Fashion Tips: Finding a Suitable Dress for your Body Shape

What a person wears should make them feel and look good. Apart from fashion being a way of expressing yourself, it also helps in building confidence.

There is diversity in the shape of female bodies. Finding fashionable apparel is not about having what is trending in the market but finding items suitable for a woman’s body. Different occasions will require a person to find the ideal outfit to wear. Knowing your shape and that of your loved ones makes shopping much easy for you. You are also sure to find adult and girl’s dresses that appeal to the woman in a man’s life.

Tips for finding the Ideal Dress according to Body Shapes

Below are some of the common body types;

  • Apple body; individuals with this type of body have broad shoulders and a larger upper body than the lower body. Women with the apple body can choose dresses that complement their upper body. They can consider a shorter dress to expose the legs and avoid those with bands at the waistline. Accessorizing with a stylish coat can be fashionable for them.
  • Rectangle body; the type is symmetrical as the body structure is block from the shoulders to the hips. A person with this body can wear sleeveless and short dresses. They need to consider dresses that showcase their legs and hands.
  • Inverted triangle shape; is the type of body that female athletes will probably have. The shoulders are the most striking part because they are broad. V-neck dresses will go well with the upper body, and they can also wear any top.
  • Pear Body; women with this kind of shape have a much larger lower body than the upper parts. Celebrities are going for this kind of figure by enlarging their hips and buttocks. The pear body will look good with sweeping dresses with fitting tops. They can try dresses with crop tops to complement their much smaller upper body.
  • Hourglass; this body type is that the upper and lower bodies are proportionate. If you fall under this category, ensure you choose a dress that outlines the strengths. You can consider the long dresses that have a stylish belt for the waistline. Whether the dress is loosely hanging or hugging the body will most probably work for women with the hourglass body.

The female body structure will influence the clothing they can wear. So, it is vital to know your body type before you can go out shopping. You can also consider changing your wardrobe to become more fashionable by finding the kinds of clothes that suit your style too. There is no need to feel ashamed of your body type because people are born looking different.


There is no one size of clothing that can fit every style and fashion. However, it is critical to try out a dress and see how it looks on you before buying it. Consider finding the best fabric, print, and style that suits your fashion sense.

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