iConnect By Timex Premium Active: A Watch That Has Got It All


 With the launch of iConnect Timex Premium Active, the veteran watchmaking brand Timex has become the choicest option for every watch aficionado who likes to wrap a tastefully designed smart watch around their wrist.      


Showcasing an overall minimalistic yet eye-catching look, these newly launched smart watches are technologically innovative and aesthetically appealing. Also, the user gets to choose from a soft silicone strap or a flexible stainless-steel mesh band which is available in shades of pink, black, gold, and silver. 


Considered amongst the best smart watches for men, iConnect Timex Premium Active comes intact with features like a clean digital display, optical heart rate tracker, pre-loaded health and entertainment apps, and much more. By offering all these features in one watch, Timex has certainly taken a giant leap in terms of both design and innovation. For a watch lover, who likes to take fashion and technology together, this watch has got it all, and let us further elaborate why! 


Build and Design 


Featuring a 36mm rectangular dial with round edges and padding on the sides, iConnect Timex Premium Active makes for a durable and sturdy watch. What gives this watch a sporty edge is its touch-sensitive display. The best aspect about iConnect watches is that they are built for everyday use and its all-metal lightweight case is designed intelligently to be used for everyday purposes. Having a water resistance rating of 30 meters, these smart watches are meant to stand the toughest of weather conditions. Though, too much water-spill surely isn’t advised. 


iConnect Timex Premium Active also comes with a rectangular touch display LCD that offers great viewing angles, even under bright sunlight. The watch is IP54 rated which makes its dial, resistant to splashes and dust. The side edge of the watch comes with a micro USB port that can be used for charging and there are a microphone and loudspeaker intact as well. 



Fitness meets fashion


iConnect Premium active watches come with a sleek and straightforward design that is sure to turn heads. The dial is attached to a sleek and soft silicone strap or a mesh strap which is lightweight, breathable, and makes for a super-comfortable fit for the user all day long. While the iConnect model with a silicone strap is available for Rs 6.995, the one available with a mesh strap is available at Rs 7, 295. The buyer can buy as per their preferred choice. The premium active line of smart watches is invariably durable and sturdy yet carries an elegant look. This is why you can pair them up with any kind of outfit. Whether you are heading for a casual lunch with friends or attending an important client meeting, this smart watch is sure to add charms to your personality.  





For fitness enthusiasts, this smart watch packs everything that they have always been looking for. iConnect Premium Active comes with a fitness tracker that counts the user’s steps, the number of calories burnt, and how much progress has been made every single day. The fitness band also comes intact with an optical heart rate tracker that can gauge the user’s heartbeat and pulse rate when they are doing high-intensity workouts. It comes with preloaded apps that can track activities in three modes: hiking, cardio, and running. Another noteworthy point is that the shelf life of the battery is nearly 5-days which make this smart watch a perfect companion when the user is outdoors for a longer duration of time. 

Also, one can make personalized dashboards to view sleep and activity analytics and how far they have progressed with their workout activity in a particular duration of time.  


Another noteworthy reason why this watch is a perfect choice for anyone planning to buy smart watches in India is that the user can easily make calls and easily access all the data from their smartphone. iConnect Premium Active from Timex can easily be purchased from retail outlets as well as the official website of Timex India. 



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