Top Gifts for the Shoe Lover in Your Life

Okay, it might seem obvious if you have someone in your life who absolutely loves shoes then the perfect gift for them would be some shoes. But what if you want to do something different? What if you are always buying this person shoes so want to think outside the box for once? The good news is that there are many items you can buy for the shoe lover in your life besides the obvious pair of shoes. Below are some of the top gifts for shoe lovers – and not one pair of shoes in sight!

Charm Bracelet

You might be forgiven for thinking that a charm bracelet is in no way going to please your shoe-loving friend or family member but wait a minute. How about a charm bracelet full of fabulous shoe charms? That’s right, you can buy charms that look like different shoes such as sneakers, high heels, ballerina slippers, flip-flops, and even soccer boots! This would be ideal for someone with a shoe fetish.


Candles are a fabulous gift, and for someone who loves shoes, what better type of candle than one that is designed to look just like a pair of sneakers. These quirky gifts are fun and practical and will definitely be a hit with your favorite shoe lover.

Shoe Care Products

If you know someone who collects shoes and has dozens of different pairs, instead of simply adding to this collection how about buying something that will help to maintain the shoes. You can buy special shoe care products such as polishing creams for leather, protective sprays for suede, or shoe stretch sprays to help soften and stretch shoes that are tight. The experts at ShoeFresh suggest a shoe deodorizer spray that eliminate odors and keep shoes fresh for longer – perfect for someone who loves each and every pair of shoes they own.

Canvas Print

A stylish canvas print of a shoe or multiple shoes can make for a great gift. This piece of art will look fabulous in any home, and you can often design the print yourself for a unique gift. Whether in full color or in monochrome, a canvas print will add a trendy touch to any home.

Shoelace Charms

Shoelace charms are a terrific way to accessorize a pair of sneakers and there are so many unique styles available. It is possible to have metal shoe tags engraved for an even more personal gift. Loved by young and old, these charms are quirky and fun and the perfect way to create a unique style.

Chocolate Shoes

What could be better – shoes and chocolate combined. Specialist chocolatiers can make realistic shoes from chocolate, which is the perfect gift for shoe lovers of all ages. The only problem is that the recipient might not want to eat it!

A Weekend Bag

If your shoe-loving friend or family member loves to travel, then a weekend bag is a gift they will make good use of. To make it even more special, look for a weekend bag that comes with a separate sturdy compartment to keep their favorite shoes safe and free from being squashed.

Shoe Box

Many shoe lovers will have at least one pair of prized shoes. It might be an expensive pair of sneakers or a fabulous pair of designer heels. If so, they will want to keep these special shoes in perfect condition. A fantastic way to do this is with a sturdy shoe box. Stackable shoe boxes with Perspex fronts keeps their favorite shoes safe while proudly displayed for everyone to see at the same time.

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