What Is So Special About Audemars Piguet Watches?

Audemars Piguet is one popular Swiss watchmaker that may seem to be pricey but is worth it. Their wide range of AP bands is of superior quality because of which it has proved to be a tough competition to many other brands available in the market. This brand has been creating history for some time now. It is known for the wildest collection of watches with the high end which of course may not be found elsewhere. The brand is also said to be amongst the best watch collectors and is known for the horological connoisseurs too. Those who are planning to buy it or consider gifting it to the loved one is the right choice to go for.

Things that should not be ignored:

Before making the purchase, it is always better to have a good idea of what exactly the brand is going to offer and for what all things should the individual be prepared for. Those who have been serious about the craftsmanship and quality shall consider this option. Besides, there are also other things to not ignore such as:

It is quite expensive to create:

If price is the primary concern, we’ll keep in mind that creating a timepiece like this is also not easy. It requires not just hard work but also the team to spend hours and days to ensure there is no single problem to the buyer later at all. That is why, in this advanced technology, the work culture of such a brand is different. That is the main reason why AP is proud to flaunt its watches. The high skill micro engineers are being used to plot the watches. That is how the new movements and modules are being created on the computer before the design is being sent. Don’t be amazed to know that it takes years to come up with selective designs and create something that can be unique.

For the caliber creation, it takes millions of times and hard work of the people. Besides, designing the watch or ap bands and bracelet may seem to be easy as compared to creating the movement as there is no machine in it. But it is certainly tough too. The engineers usually work with forbearances and hence for luxury watches like Audemars Piguet it is better to expect a high price. Besides, the massive amount of labor, high-quality material, and careful manual attention are few other things to not ignore too.

High-quality Materials:

Talking about the high-quality material, well, it is not just the patterns and design which makes Audemars Piguet stand to unite from the rest but also the watches have got some rich techniques and materials that not other brands prefer while creating. The brand is supposed to use black ceramic finishing instead of stainless steel. That is why the hand finishing and the machine finishing later are given to attain the polished and satin-brushed finishing. Besides, the use of white gold screws is made that shows how perfection is important when it comes to detailing.

Movements Aren’t Cheap either:

Along with the use of high-quality material, the movements are not something to be ignited. When it comes to the high unique mechanical movement, well AP is on the top. The price may seem to be quite high but it is worth it. Besides, the high-end watches are made with limited quantities’ that matches the certain fortunate yet specific clientele

Low Quantities is equivalent to the High Prices

As the company plans to create the timepieces in millions, the initial tooling cost and also development can be distributed in every piece. Even if it seems like a million dollars for creating a new watch, the price for every timepiece can be hard for some dollars. That is the main reason why the watches of Audemars Piguet are pricey as they design only the limited pieces collection. The most unquoted collection is of course likely to be personalized. That is another reason why it is quite challenging to create components that cost even high.

A Highly Skilled Team Crafting each Masterpiece

It takes quite a lot of time, say even a year for the team of highly trained craftsmen and watchmakers to come up with a timeless yet the most unique timepiece. The skilled engineers don’t work full time for just a single piece. Certainly, it does take more time in decorating, creating, and finishing the whole watch. Besides, hand polishing also requires a delicacy which is done using a microscope. It may sound to be a time-consuming yet meticulous task but certainly worth praise.

Advantages to not Ignore:

  • Price

The entry-level AP at list price is slightly less as compared to a brand like Patek Philippe. The Patek Philippe entry-level piece value is as low as the $12k marker but the same in the case of AP well, it is only a few dollars, maybe a hundred less.

  • Resale Price:

The watches of AP are known to have amazing resale values as compared to any other brand of the watch. There is some AP collection that has high resale value. But other than certain models, the resale value also relies on factors like watch condition and whether it is in warranty, and if it is, well the AP resale can be worth it.

  • Selection:

Audemars Piguet brings you a wide range of choices over any other brand that can be seen in the market. There is quite a huge amount of trending watches of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in the market that are being sold.


With so many pros mentioned above and the factors stated, it is time to save money for something relay worthy like this. Time is one expensive thing and when it comes to watches that Audemars Piguet creates well, its price increases even more. But certainty, to invest in the Audemars Piguet brand is worth it. However, there might be some other competition that may come on the way too but in the end, this brand is totally worth it.

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