Which are the Common Men’s Hat Styles

Hats have been part of the fashion industry for a long time and have proved themselves as top stylish accessories for men. Men’s hats are versatile, from fedoras to snapbacks and bucket hats. These hats are also suitable and practical for all seasons.

On top of that, hats can complement all outfit types, and below, we discuss the most common people’s hat styles.

  • Fedoras

Fedoras have been great fashion pieces for a long time and have stood the test of time. They were preferred mainly by gangsters in the 1910s and 50s and have gone to become staple items in the 2000s. Fedoras are among the best men’s accessories and are still dominating the hat world.

Fedoras are available in different colors and sizes, but you should choose those with medium widths and neutral tones.

  • Panama Hat

Panama hats are perfect when blended with white shirts or a beach backdrop. This hat is brimmed traditionally, and it hails from Ecuador. These hats are made using plaited leaves and are a must-have, especially when visiting tropical destinations.

Panama is made using blue skies and sunshine, meaning you should avoid wearing them during winter. They have a light color and are easy to wear. Panama hats blend nicely with most beach styles.

  • Trilby

Trilby is mainly confused with fedora hats, but they have many differences. A trilby is made using a straw or tweed, and they have a small brim. A trilby can be worn from spring to autumn and should be worn at the back of your head and not pulled forward. This is done to protect the face.

The trilby is a fashion statement and not a typical hat. They are preferred by band members and those in the upper class. These hats are mainly spotted in horse races globally.

  • Bowler

The bowler is among the most iconic fashion piece in British history. It was made famous by popular actors like John Cleese. The bowler is tricky, has a narrow brim, and is called derby. This hat is familiar to upper and middle-class people but is fit for everybody.

It is advisable to try the bowler with a double-breasted suit and tailored pants.

  • Snapback

The snapback burst into fame after it became popular with Yankee fans. These hats have cornered the fashion world and are globally worn by cool kids and fashionistas. The name “snapback” comes from its adjustable fastener found at the back.

It is a vintage cousin to the dad hat, and it offers a relaxed fit. This hat has a more rigid design that makes it more structured. They also add a casual vibe to almost all outfits.

  • Newsboy

Newsboy emerged in the 19th century but made a significant comeback recently. They resemble flat caps, and they grace most men’s heads.

Final Thoughts

Men’s hats are available in different styles, including fedora, bowler, and trilby. This article has discussed the most common caps, and you can reach out for more information.

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