Why are phone apps bad for your health

Smartphones are used by near enough everyone around the world each day with many of us spending way too much time on them which can be bad for your health and your mindset. There are many popular sites like these that offer some alternatives to just scrolling through social media over and over. Some smartphone apps aren’t bad for your health as you can get some apps that will help to motivate you to keep positive and active. Recent studies have shown that social media apps are some of the worst ones to affect people with them giving people and negative and toxic mindset which can lead to people becoming depressed due to thinking the things they see on social media are real life when they are not. There are a lot of smartphone apps that can increase your blood pressure due to them having a negative impact on you which is not good at all. Some people are ending up spending far too much time on smartphone apps which is not only bad for your health but also your eyesight and mindset as well. Every day you will see people on their smartphones for hours on end just scrolling through different apps, it is estimated that roughly every person will spend around four to six hours on their phones just scrolling through the same apps.

There are now more talks than ever before about people’s health and how much smartphones are causing damage to people. Lockdown caused a huge surge in the number of people who spent more time than usual on their phones due to having nothing else to do because of COVID causing lockdowns which affected a lot of people’s health and mental health. The close of gyms as well and restricting people from leaving their homes caused a huge problem for a lot of people with them turning to smartphones and other devices to keep them occupied whilst being stuck at home. Since lockdowns have been lifted, more people are now heading to the gyms and leisure centres to improve their health after they have had a tough time being stuck at home. Studies show that smartphone apps are being used less now that we can go back to work and life is slowly getting back to normal. Smartphone apps are being monitored closely to make sure people aren’t spending more time on them than they need to.

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