7 Cool New Ways to Add Denim to Your Wardrobe

We all have denim in our wardrobes. Denim jeans, jacket, skirts, shoes, or accessories – denim is one of the staples that is never out of style or season. But there are some fun new ways that we can incorporate denim into our wardrobes. Take a risk with your wardrobe by adding more or editing the denim you already have.

Just be careful that you avoid clichés like the “Canadian tuxedo” or the country and western look by accessorizing your denim appropriately for the occasion.

7 Cool New Ways to Add Denim to Your Wardrobe

Nowadays, denim is much more than men’s and women’s jeans. Now, it’s a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe in various ways. Make the most of your denim by trying these hot ideas:

1. Denim Bra

A denim bra is a fantastic way to add denim to your wardrobe. Pair it with your favorite jeans, or top it with a denim or denim-inspired shirt dress for a look that is unique and sexy as hell.

2. Matching Denim Top and Pants

If you find a top and pants in the same wash, wear them together to give the appearance that you are wearing a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits aren’t comfortable for every body type, so this is a good way to pull off the same look without any fit issues.

3. Denim Corset

Like a denim bra, a denim corset is a great way to up the sexiness of your wardrobe. With or without a t-shirt underneath, a denim corset and slightly mismatched wash jeans looks the perfect combination of sexy and classy.

4. Denim Vest

Denim corsets are a great way to up the sexy factor, but let’s not forget their cousin – the denim vest. A tailored denim vest over jeans is a great way to add more denim to your outfit without it looking mismatched or busy. Pair it with neutral accessories to keep your style grounded.

5. Mixed Washes

One of the most popular ways to wear denim right now is to mix up washes. Wear a darker wash jean with a lighter wash shirt or jacket for a classic vibe. Pair the look with a white t-shirt and sneakers, and you have an outfit that will take you anywhere.

6. Black Denim

You may have a piece or two of black denim in your closet, but did you know that it’s super hot to wear black on black? Add some additional black denim to your wardrobe so  you can create the perfect outfit. From casual street wear to sleek evening outfits – black on black is a great way to up your denim game. Choose similar washes/colors for a more sleek look, but don’t be afraid to mix up washes for casual looks.

7. White Denim

Try something really different with denim by adding some white denim to your wardrobe. White-on-white is one of the popular ways to style white denim right now, but you can also pair it with other washes and it still looks great. Add some pops of color with your accessories and shoes, and you’ve got a great monochromatic look.


Denim is one of the wardrobe staples that gets us from season-to-season and trend to trend. Now, there are more ways than ever to utilize denim and customize your style. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and washes and textures. Have fun!

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