All about Cocktail Rings

A cocktail ring is usually a sizeable three-dimensional ring. These rings are very flashy, typically. It would have a big stone with other stones around it or a cluster of different stones. The cocktail ring concept started in the 1920s when the manufacturing and consumption of alcohol were banned in America. To object to the same secretly, parties were organized, and alcohol was consumed. Women used to dress up and flaunt their flashy rings at the party. This is where the concept started, and cocktail rings began to be associated with female independence. Cocktail rings became very popular around this time, but they continued to be popular through the 1980s. The cocktail rings were meant to be worn during the night at dinner, cocktail parties, or in the evening. You would generally not find people wearing these rings during the day; however, exceptions are there.

Cocktail Rings Now

Cocktail rings look stunning, glamorous, they speak of elegance, and they create a statement. These days it’s in vogue to wear chunky pieces of Jewellery. Cocktail rings are expensive as they have large diamonds and several other precious stones embedded in it. The more extravagant ring you choose to buy the cost will be higher. Since these rings are very flashy, they are eye-catching at the parties. One can keep other pieces of Jewellery minimal if they are wearing a cocktail ring. If you are wearing the ring during the day, you can opt for less bling than what you would prefer to wear at night. Cocktail Rings are available in several designs like Vintage, Gemstone, and Designer cocktail rings.

How to wear a Cocktail Ring?

Traditionally cocktail rings are worn on the right hand. This is done to avoid any confusion. Especially the left hand is for an engagement ring and wedding bands. It is perfectly fine if you choose to wear it in your left hand as every individual has their style quotient. Also, nobody said that wearing a piece of Jewellery requires a set of guidelines.

Best Occasions to wear Cocktail Rings

Since these rings are extraordinary in size and very flashy, my advice would be to save it for a gala event or any special occasion. According to the cocktail ring, one should always try to team up the outfit and other pieces of Jewellery. The reason being the ring is going to be the showstopper of your outfit.

Can Cocktail Rings be an Engagement Ring 

The answer to the above question is yes. Cocktail rings come in various sizes and shapes. They can suffice as an engagement ring. Many companies can customize these cocktail rings as per the liking of the consumer. Several companies have a collection of cocktail rings, which can also serve the purpose of engagement rings. If you are shopping for an engagement ring in Paris, you will be spoilt for choice.

Finally, wear the cocktail ring to turn heads and grab attention. Wearing such a magnificent piece of Jewellery gives you immense confidence. So go out, have fun, flaunt the ring, and grab eyeballs.

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