How to Dress Trendy and Cheap for the Start of the School Year?

The back to school September is a key time in terms of style and makeover. After a well-deserved vacation, it’s time to take stock of your look. Wouldn’t it be opportune to change your hairstyle, grow a beard and get a makeover in terms of clothes? For many people, back to school is the perfect time to change their style and come back to work transformed. After a few weeks of absence, you come back transformed and ready to face the hundreds of late emails that await you, the glances of colleagues, clients and the overexcited boss. Changing your look is like taking a big shower after a gruelling day: it relaxes, it clears your head and finally it boosts positive energy.

After you are offered a good haircut and a trendy beard size at a good barber, here is what experts advise you. So, put aside your old school wardrobe, your socks with holes, your floral shirts, your worn shoes, your oversized pants and your old wool sweater that has long been attacked by moths.

A new style to boost your return to school

No need to wander all afternoon in the shops of the nearest shopping centre. No need to sweat a lot in the changing rooms, no need to put up with the smell of perspiration from the big ready-to-wear chains. Stylists strongly recommend that you do your shopping quietly on your sofa with your toes in a fan.

Step 1: take an overview of the latest trendy men’s clothes.

It is very easy to do this. Read the latest articles on the subject and then hang out on online fashion sites. This is where trends are made and unmade.

Step 2: Find the parts that suit you best.

Be meticulous: Start at the top and then finish with shoes, for example. Always start with the shirt or t-shirt, then the sweater, sweatshirt or cardigan. Then tackle the men’s training pants. Finally, the shoes and then to top it off the jacket, the overcoat or the coat. Then, if the budget is not too tight, go to the accessories section to customize your new look with a watch, a bracelet, a cap or a hat.
For each piece, select 3 or 4 models maximum then give yourself time to weigh the pros and cons. At the same time try to imagine it in a whole look, on what occasions will you be able to wear it, with which pairs of shoes.

Back to school trends

After the surge of tropical patterns this summer, let’s go back to sober themed trendy men’s clothes. This return to school is notably marked by a sartorial paradox. The adjusted now rubs shoulders with the ultra-wide, the narrow goes with comfort, the vintage goes with the modern. In short, a very good program! To give you a hand, stylists decided to create 2 trendy looks. 1 more casual-streetwear and 1 other dandy urban chic. Follow the guide …

  1. Casual streetwear look for men

The return of the denim jacket. Yes, you read that right: the good old denim jacket is back on shoulders. Be careful, the shapes have evolved. The jacket is now much more fitted.

  1. Black & white look

Jeans are trendy, especially when they are fitted. Black can bring a touch of elegance even for a casual outfit. White brings a touch of light to the upper body via a shirt, polo shirt or basic t-shirt. To finish the look, nothing like a beautiful pair of thin and low white sneakers.

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