How to Get Fitted For a Dress Shirt

Shopping for the perfect dress shirt can be a fun and exciting experience. Not only are you getting something new that you can show off, but you are investing in something that flatters your body in all the right ways.

While looking good is important, sometimes we can fall flat at paying attention to the important details that make the clothes fit correctly. So you are going to want to measure your dress shirtShopping for a dress shirt is no exception. You need to follow a few guidelines to get more bang for your buck.  

Get Some Measuring Tape

First, you are going to want to invest in a measuring tape. To measure your collar, you are going to want to place the tape around the neck at the height of the collar. Then stand relaxed, with the tape rested at the top of your chin. Your skin needs to be lightly touching this tape without squeezing it as it falls. Hold one finger directly under the tape to help provide more room in your shirt for comfort. 

Measure Your Neck

After you measure your neck length, you are going to want to measure your sleeve length. This will require incorporating a partner into helping you measure. Place one end of the measuring tape at the base of your back and run the measuring tape up to your shoulder and find a way to let it hang down to your hand. You can measure to the middle of your palm. 

Measure Your Shoulder Width

Next, you are going to want to use the measuring tape to measure your shoulder width. To do this is simple, start by measuring the edge of the shoulder where you want your shirt to start. Measure over the curve of your shoulders. 

Next, you are going to want to measure your chest. Doing that is simple, all you need is your tape measure and maybe a partner to help. Stand in a relaxed pose and run the measure around the fullest part of your chest up to the armpits. 

Measure Your Waist

You may not think that measuring your waist is necessary when you are shopping for the perfect dress shirt but it is a very important component in getting the perfect dress shirt. Measuring your waist is a different process than it is with measuring your waist for pants. What you need to do is get a tape measure and run it around the fullest part of your belly.  If you are unsure where the fullest part of your belly is, a good guide would be incorporating the belly button. The tape measure should fit comfortably and snug on the skin.  

Shirt Length

Next, you are going to need to figure out what the shirt length needs to be. You are going to need to get your trusty tape measure again to measure. Put the tape at the point on the back of the neck where the base is and then let it fall down your back to where your shirt needs to be. 

If you tend to tuck your shirt in, you are going to want to give yourself more room for fabric. If you don’t tuck your shirt in, then you can use the exact measurements. 

Measure Your Biceps

Another aspect of finding the perfect shirt is measuring your biceps. You aren’t going to want a shirt that doesn’t fit comfortably around your arms, otherwise, it would be a bad experience. All you need to do is wrap the tape measure around your bicep and make sure you leave a little wiggle room in case you decide to bulk up at the gym. If you are getting a long sleeve shirt, you are going to make sure you have wiggle room for your wrists. Be sure to also use the tape measure to find the correct measurements. 

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