How to Look the Best Dressed at Your Pool Party


We all love a good pool party. Throwing one can be a challenge, though. You’ve got to get the barbeque ready, drinks, and make sure the house is clean for your guests.

But then, what do you wear? Pool events are definitely going to be casual and fun, but it never hurts to look your best.

To be the best dressed at your pool party, you’ll want to not only choose waterproof or water-friendly options, but you will also want to consider the style of your swimwear and loungewear.

Here are a few pool clothing options to get you started.

Wear Bright Colors

Pool parties may center around your backyard oasis, but with larger pool parties, it’s also important to look good out of water. You’re the host after all!

Bright colors are perfect for any summer no matter your personal style. If you’re more of a dark horse, adding a bright accent color can make your outfit pop.

While there are bright colors across the spectrum, try out:

  • Neon Orange
  • Highlighter Yellow
  • Fuschia or Pony Pink
  • Electric Blue
  • Neon Green

Any of these colors will make you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re still saying “no!” to bright colors, you can keep it classy by choosing one solid color and basing your pool party outfit around that.

Bold Prints are Always In

If bright colors aren’t your thing, consider wearing a bold print instead. We promise you’ll find endless selections of prints from herringbone to bananas.

For men:

  • Try pairing a large-format Hawaiian printed button-up with some crisp, clean shorts in a solid color. For example, get a blue and white Hawaiian shirt and wear some white shorts to be voted best dressed.
  • Wear swimming trunks with alternating stripes for a 21st-century feel.

For women:

  • For a modern look, seek out a straightforward print like a large, vertical stripe for your bathing suit and wear a bright, monochrome overlay like a sundress or a wrap for comfort and style.
  • If you prefer classy, you could seek out a paisley print or a even an ombre sundress that transitions from bright color to bright color.

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to know what patterns you like and what makes you look great. Don’t be afraid. Go for it.

Versatility is Key (and Stylish)

This is where it gets really fun.

So you’re at the pool party and need to go inside. You get out of the pool and dry off, but then you have to go inside in your bathing suit because you didn’t bring a cover up or an easy slip-on, slip-off piece.

Women are typically associated with layered pool party looks. Some best dressed women’s layered pool outfits include:

  • A one-piece swimsuit with a wrap skirt.
  • A t-shirt over a bikini.
  • A long flowy wrap made of natural fibers.

Men have options, too! For men’s layered pool outfits, consider:

  • Athleisure wear items like slip-on bottoms that stay cool in the summer.
  • Linen pants over your speedo and a soft, buttery button-up print shirt that can be worn open.
  • A crisp, clean white t-shirt that breathes well to help your skin tone pop.

Hosting your next pool party requires versatility in your clothes. You need items that don’t mind getting wet while also having a cover-up option for when you enter an air-conditioned area. And, as you know with layers, you can always remove them.

Whatever you decide to wear, summer clothes for the pool don’t have to be basic or boring. They just have to marry function and style. 

Be sure to look for companies that use sustainable practices in their summer clothes so you can do your part to save the environment. You can find thoughtful companies who make clothes ethically without sacrificing style or function. And, caring about the planet is quite chic.

You’ll be the best dressed (and the most eco-conscious) at your cabana with any of these pool party looks.

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