Men’s Most Trendy Straw Hats 2020

Straw hats are the best option you have for the summer due to various reasons. It is lightweight, and most of them have ventilation to keep your head cooler. They protect your ears and back of your neck from the sun. With time, straw hats have progressed from one color to other shades to avail multiple options for users of the same. They are made from both plants and synthetic fiber and are worn during summer as a fashion style or costume. The good news is that they come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, all depending on your taste preference and wardrobe. Below are some of the straw hats for men that may capture your attention and effectively boost your sense of style.

Summer straw pork pie

Pork pie comes in shades of brown, blue, and black. It structures a 2-inch brim and a 4-inch diamond crown. The inside, although unlined, offers a grosgrain ribbon inner band. The hat gives a contemporary look that is jazzy and vintage, all great for an evening club hopping or for a fun day around town. You can match it with a casual jacket, favorite jeans, and a button-down shirt. It is a quality headwear that retains its shape for a long time.

Men’s twotone summer straw Fedora hat

It comes in tobacco shade, blue, tan. It has no lining and is slightly pinched at the center denting from the front crown. It has a cotton band padding sweatband for extra comfort and offers a variety of sizes. This hat boasts of hipster’s inspiration with an elegance of the English heritage- both acknowledging the past and the present time. In a way, it is not limiting to the season. Its shapes and fabrics are flattering, fresh, eccentric resulting in a trivial but dominant fashion declaration.

Straw Trilby Fedora

Tribly boasts of a Cuban inspiration and design offering versatile, timeless shades- it offers a neutral color palette in multi-tonal interlace. The body of this straw hat is flexible and easy to pack for travel and is a great look for casual outings, seasonal sporting events, summer picnics, or horse races. It has a brim that snaps back, offering two different stylists wearing options- it can be worn either upwards or downwards. If you choose this, then you can adorn it in a warm-weather breeze in the accompaniment of cool shorts, khakis, or jeans. It is pocket friendly and comes in the sizes of small, medium, large, XL and XXL.

Iconic Straw Fedora

It keeps becoming popular with time courtesy of trendsetters and comes in the shades of tan, black and blue. It is tightly hand woven from natural, durable fiber that beats many adventures as it does not age fast. It boasts of a soft sweatband that ensures comfort, and – all-day wear with an upturned brim. You can wear it at night too.

To avoid a clash in the accessories, match your straw hat with your shoes and belt. They all do not have to be in the exact color but the same color tone. Despite it being practically summer wear, it can be worn in other weathers and occasions, all depending on your taste and preference.

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