How to pick the best watches

Ever since man learned time, keeping the devices that have been used to let each other know of the exact time have been becoming more accurate, more stylish and continue to do so to the present day. From vintage pocket watches made from gold to watches carved entirely out of a single crystal the variety available today is simply mind-boggling, and if you happen to be fond of watches, you probably know the paradox of choices the options create for you. While settling for a practical watch like the Luminox navy seal is pretty easy, it ticks almost all the check-boxes for a practical, stylish and durable watch to last years if not decades.

The paradox of choices! 

When one is out looking for a watch it is very easy to get lost in the plethora of available options, you have hundreds, if not thousands of options at a single stop and because people don’t even have time for themselves, they rarely go through enough options and usually settle for something satisfactory. One might be under the impression that having a lot of options makes it easy to settle for a piece and find the one that suits you the best. While the latter part might hold it is the former, most people do not consider it. Having a host of options will end up consuming days to shuffle through and who knows which ones you might end up forgetting by the end.

How can you make it easy?

First, decide the type of watch you want to go for and where you intend to wear it; although a smartwatch is one of the most technologically advanced watches that you could get it does not fit the etiquette of a formal occasion. This is the reason why you need to put yourself through the scrutiny period so that you don’t end up with something that sees the inside of the drawer more than the sun.

Decide the material. 

Watches today are available in almost every material imaginable, ranging from silk and linen to titanium and gold while leather is something that does not need mentioning, there is exotic animal leather that is used by designers to get patterns and feels that are simply exuberant. When you understand the purpose that you desire to fulfil with the watch you will know what type of material to go for. For instance, you wouldn’t be wearing a fitness tracker to a dinner date or a formal occasion and similarly, you wouldn’t be wearing a Rolex to a gym session.

The budget. 

When the first two criteria are met, the last thing that remains is to see whether it fits your budget or whether your search needs to look for the perfect piece. Watches also turn out to be great investments and people can make a lot of money off watches given that they know which ones to go for and when and where to sell them.

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