Watch Features That Excite Every Watch Connoisseur

Some watches are trendy, others sophisticated, and some functional and versatile. Though every watch is unique, there are certain traits that make certain watches stand a class apart from the rest. Whether you are planning to buy one of the latest watches for men for personal use, or are a watch connoisseur, here are some features that you are sure to fall in love with and need to look out for in your watch.

Water resistance

Contact with water can cause damage to the watch. Sometimes the damage is so severe that the watch needs to be repaired by reputed manufacturers, which can be expensive. That is why some of the best quality watches are resistant to water. With water resistance levels up to 100 meters, and in some cases, even more, you need not worry about your watch coming in contact with water. You can even take a swim in the pool with your watch firmly strapped to your wrist.

Material of watch case

The material used in the construction of a watch differentiates one timepiece from the other. Most watch cases are made of stainless steel. Apart from being cost-effective, stainless steel comprises other beneficial features like resistance to perspiration and moisture. This makes it an ideal material for all time use, especially in the scorching summers. The watch cases of some high-end models are also constructed from titanium and ceramic. Titanium is strong, resistant to corrosion, and very light. Ceramic is also very durable and watch cases made of this material are extremely hard. Thus, the wear and tear on these watches will be minimal.


The glass is an integral part of the watch. It covers the face of the watch and keeps it safe from irritants like water, dust, dirt, etc. The most widely used crystals are mineral crystals and sapphire crystals. Mineral crystals are not very tough and are prone to scratches. That is why this crystal is used in many of the more affordable varieties of watches. Meanwhile, most high quality and luxury watches use sapphire crystals. These are very durable and scratch-resistant. So if your watch brushes past a hard surface, there is less likelihood of the crystal getting damaged. But its exquisite properties make it an expensive substance.

Watch movement 

There are mainly three types of watch movements to choose from. These include quartz, automatic, and mechanical. Quartz watches run on battery, have a long life span, and require minimal maintenance. This makes them a great accessory for everyday use. Mechanical watches do not require batteries and are hand-wound. These watches are known for their aesthetic appeal. Just like mechanical watches, automatic watches also do not run on batteries. But they do require regular winding to remain in operation. The kinetic energy produced from the body of the wearer powers the watch.

Though the basic function of a watch has always been to tell time, over the years watches have made great advancements. Today, they comprise many new features like heart rate monitors, fitness trackers, and other health measurements. But whatever your preferences, the above-mentioned features are just a few things that you need to keep in mind when buying a watch in India online. Though features play an important role in the overall appearance and functionality of a watch, you also need to ensure that you buy watches from reputed manufacturers like Timex. Since 1854, Timex has been manufacturing high-quality watches with excellent features. So whether you are a connoisseur or a regular wearer, you must keep the above-mentioned features in mind while buying a watch of your preference.

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