How to wear a Men’s T-Shirt?

Today, our fashion experts will suggest you focus on how to wear a t-shirt and see the most common types of men’s t-shirts and how to wear them.

How to wear a men’s t-shirt?

Since you know how to choose it, the hardest and pass. The t-shirt is in fact a very versatile and easy to wear item and a must have in the male locker room.

Plain round-neck t-shirt

The most basic and surely the most essential. The plain men’s long sleeve t shirts (with a round neck) are must-have items in your wardrobe. White or coloured, it will be at the centre of your summer looks and a little behind the rest of the year. Now you must be wondering how to wear a bench t-shirt? It’s simple, you can wear it with almost anything: raw or faded jeans, chinos, shorts, but always in casual styles. You can also wear it very easily under a knit, sweater or cardigan, shirt or jacket.

V-neck t-shirt

V-neck t-shirts are recommended for men who have a bit of a stomach. Indeed, the fact of clearing the neck will draw attention to the face and the top of the bust and distract from your belly. Be careful, however, to the depth of the V, the idea is not to show your navel. Like the round neck, you can wear it with jeans, chinos or shorts but a little more difficult under a sweater or a shirt.

Pocket t-shirt

The same as for the V-neck, not a fan, but it can still come in handy. On this kind of men’s t-shirt, the pocket can be more or less worked and therefore attract more or less attention. And that’s what will interest you. Having a small pocket of a different colour will attract the eye and therefore break the verticality of the silhouette. Useless when you’re small but practical when you’re tall and thin.

Printed t-shirts

As per expert’s opinion, you have to be very vigilant when it comes to printed t-shirts as a wrong choice can make you fall into the backward teen look. To avoid this, go for geometric prints among men’s casual clothes that cover the entire t-shirt. Printed texts, logos or characters are often subject to fashion trends and therefore go out of style quite quickly. This type of t-shirt isn’t really a must-have, but it’s cool to own a few. The printed t-shirt can, however, be a very good idea to have a rock look if it is in the image of a large group.

There you go, now you have some ideas for wearing a t-shirt with class. You will have noticed; the good old white t-shirt is a must. For plain round neck t-shirts, fashion experts advise you to have 6-7 in different colours. The easiest to match shade level; are white, navy blue, grey, brown and burgundy. That’s already 5 t-shirts to wear and it’s not that bad.

Hope! It helped you.

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