Popular attire for girls who rave

Girls! This one’s for you! We know how important it is for you to have your outfit on point. After all we plan and plan our outfits for everything. We have to make sure we are the best dressed at all times. I mean after all it is girl code right? So you just bought your first ticket to a festival you have never been to one but you see how fun they are and you and your friends are so excited to get to go! But you have no idea what to wear, you obviously want to stand out and look the best. We are your one stop guide to the perfect out.

What to wear to a festival:

It’s always in good taste to start the outfit with an idea, what kind of outfit you are going to wear. With raves there are so many different themes do you want to look sexy, comfortable, over the top. The possibilities are endless. We are going to give you some perfect ideas on how to put a full outfit together and to look your best so lets start with the clothing options and then we will go to the accessories part of the outfit.

Clothing options 

When picking out your outfit it is essential that you feel comfortable wearing it after all it is YOUR rave. And with there being so many different options you will for sure be able to look your best. 

  • Breathable clothing- Being comfortable at a rave is essential, With all of the moving around that you are doing you are going to get hot. You definitely do not want to over heat that is just going to ruin your night. We recommend wearing some type of lite clothing to ensure that you can cool off easier. Try looking into some type of mesh or fishnet clothing.
  • One piece- Wearing a one piece is very popular while most of the options do include breathable clothing you can also add pieces to your outfit to make it pop even more. You can wear a sequence outfit that will have the strobe lights shining off of you or you can even go with a fishnet sequence outfit .
  • Booty shorts- Booty shorts are another fun and popular clothing piece that you can wear. You can pair it with a one piece if you are looking to cover up a little more. Also the advantage to booty shorts is that you can have pockets so you do not have to keep putting your phone in your backpack.
  • Robes- Yes robes you read it correctly. Robes are actually very popular and no their not your typical robe that you would put on right after a bath. They are more lite weight, often come with lights or feathers and they are breathable which I think we can agree on is a better solution to prevent you from overheating. But also these clothing items can help keep you warmer when the sun goes down.


Accessories are extremely important in making your outfit pop. They are kind of like the earrings that make that designer dress pop. Below are some essential accessories needed to make that outfit pop

  • Hydration pack- Our first one is going to be the most essential accessory of them all. Hydration packs are essential because as we all know dancing all night will lead you to being thirsty most hydration packs also double as a backpack which is great when you want to not have your phone or wallet on you. If you have ever lost your phone at a festival then you know how awful it is. They also have many different designs so it can go with your outfit.
  • Kandi- Kandi is a huge thing in the rave world. And they are often traded at festivals. Kandi are homemade beads usually bracelets that say cute things such as plur or rave baby. PLUR is the acronym that many raves live by it stands for Peace Love Unity Respect. 
  • Pasties- Girls if you want to wear that one piece fishnet suit your definitely going to want to use pasties to cover up the tatas.

We hope that you have gotten inspired by this. Remember when picking your outfit it is important that you feel comfortable. Rave on and stay safe!

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