What can I wear with men’s shorts?

Shorts are a versatile piece of clothing for the summer season. Many men like to wear them because they are comfortable and not hot, but it should be remembered that this piece of clothing is not appropriate everywhere.

Men’s shorts should not be worn if you have business contacts in a formal setting: they are perfect for walking down the street, but you should not appear in them in the office.

It is also worth remembering that not all models of men’s shorts look good with a sports T-shirt or, conversely, a shirt, so in order to look strong and appropriate, you need to know some basics of combining things.

In addition, when buying casual shorts for men, it is very important to choose the right model and material of the product, so that later they can be easily combined with other things.

How to choose shorts?

When choosing casual shorts for men, you should first of all take into account the peculiarities of your figure. This wardrobe item quite noticeably increases the volume of the hips, so if, for example, a man’s legs above the knees are a little plump, and his calves, on the contrary, are thin, it is best to stay on the classic model of not a bright color.

In this case, it is not recommended to wear shorts with an eye-catching colorful print, as they visually increase the volume of the legs above the knees.

In addition, when buying men’s shorts, you should pay attention to their length. The correct classic length for this piece is slightly above the knees, meaning that when you are standing, the legs should only slightly cover the kneecap.

However, you should not buy too short men’s shorts, even if you have straight legs. Such models are intended for sports or a beach walk, but they are not suitable for everyday wear.

If the legs of the product go significantly below the knee, then these are no longer shorts, but another wardrobe item – breeches, outdoor tactical pants or cropped trousers.

What to wear with men’s shorts: denim shorts

Denim products have always been distinguished by their versatility and convenience. This material goes well with almost any clothing, so for those who do not like to pick up long shirts, sweatshirts and T-shirts that match the style, denim shorts are the perfect option.

The most popular are men’s denim shorts in classic cut and standard colors. As a rule, these are models of black, gray and blue colors of various shades. Also quite popular are light blue and white options and models with a lot of scuffs and bruises, faded shades of fabric and with an aging effect.

This season, it is considered quite stylish to wear knee-length shorts in light shades with cuffs.

Denim shorts go very well with almost any outfit. Depending on what you wear with them and what accessories you add, you can create any look you need: in a sporty, casual and even evening style.

Men’s denim shorts can be worn with regular tees, jerseys, polos and even shirts, you can also wear outdoor tactical pants to make a great impression.

From shoes to men’s denim shorts, sports-style models are best suited. Sneakers, slip-ons and sneakers will look very good. Also, many men prefer to wear espadrilles and moccasins. It should be remembered that classic style shoes are not suitable here, even if you are wearing a shirt, so leather shoes, loafers and oxfords should not be worn with denim products.

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